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Our Story

The Wax Artist is more than just a candle shop; it's a labor of love, creativity, and community sparked by Gabrielle and Kyle Bias. For over five years, we've been captivated by the enchanting world of candles, drawn to the emotions and memories they stir in people's hearts.

Our journey began with a shared passion for crafting candles that tell stories and evoke feelings. It wasn't long before our home hobby transformed into a business, driven by the desire to share the joy, creativity, and fun that candles bring to our lives with our community. The Wax Artist is our canvas, where we blend fragrances and kindle connections, inviting you to join us in this creative adventure. Together, we're not just crafting candles; we're creating a space where emotions are set aglow, one candle at a time.


Connection Hub

The Wax Artist is rooted in community and creativity. We believe that candles have an incredible ability to evoke emotions, spark memories, and kindle conversations. Our space is designed to inspire moments of togetherness – a place where friends gather to design their own signature scents, families bond over shared experiences, and individuals find solace in the warm glow of their creations.

At our candle bar, you are the artist of your own scent journey. Immerse yourself in a world of fragrances as you blend and compose your very own candle masterpiece. Our scent library, carefully curated to evoke nostalgia and curiosity, allows you to craft a candle that is uniquely you. Take your creation even further and decorate your candle with a playful selection of wax charms. We strive to bring the community a truly creative experience. 

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